Meet The Esports Club!


| Gabe Crowe

Students participate in their respective Esports.

- Gabe Crowe, Student Life Writer

Did you know that we have an Esports team at Norman North?

The team will be playing a multitude of games this semester: Fortnight duos, Overwatch, Apex, Smash-Bros, and Halo Infinite. The class is located in N117. This is what some of the players have to say about the class. The Esports team has given students new opportunities; (Jacob Garner 11th grade) said, “this class has given me a chance to be competitive without getting physically hurt like normal sports, I have ADHD and it helps me focus with all the hand-eye coordination that is required. ” The players in the club seem pretty passionate about the club. (Logan Ramsey 11th grade) said, “I’m very grateful for the Esports club and the time that I get to better my skills, there are so many new opportunities in the world now because of gaming.” In all the Esports club is a good way to improve your skill in gaming, and to make new friends that are into the same things as you.