Should Girls Ask Guys Out?


| Nick Dionisio

A girl making the first move.

- Nick Dionisio, Writer

Is it weird for girls to ask out guys? Traditionally, it has always been expected that men should make initiate the conversation. This week the Norman North Newspaper erupted in a debate over the issue. The class was split on if it was weird for a girl to ask out a guy. To resolve it we took this question to Editor-In-Chief Thomas Richardson’s Instagram poll, and 92% of students agree it’s not weird for girls to make the first move with the guy.

It’s this writer’s opinion that girls shouldn’t be afraid to make the first move, in fact, they should try it out more. Most guys are not used to having girls start the conversation and would be open to it. As @itsmejenna123 said, “gender roles are outdated, a girl making the first move shows confidence.” I agree with her opinion and I think it was worded perfectly. Another student weighed in on the subject. @little.s0up said, “if you want something you gotta go for it.”

The idea that girls initiating a conversation with guys is “weird” only exists because of antiquated gender roles, and it doesn’t apply anymore in today’s society.