Displaced Destinations, Examinations


Students sitting on the left side of the gym during 3rd hour while the freshmen are taking the PSAT

- Thomas Richardson, Editor/Admin

On Wednesday, November 18th, freshmen of Norman North took the PSAT in the North Hall, where there are classes every day. The school decided to put students who were in the classrooms used by PSAT testing in the North Gym. This isn’t the first time the school has done this, for the Junior PSAT in October, they put the students affected in the Nancy O’ Brian Center for Performing Arts. Students had varying opinions on this, “I didn’t want to sit in the gym with other classes,” junior Blaine Bruton said, “so I just stayed home and did my school work from there.” Some students that did go to the gym were pleased with how everything worked out; “I think the teachers are handling the situation very well,” said junior, Jada Ryan, “with social distancing and being in a closed space.”  Other students thought it felt strange, “It doesn’t make sense,” said sophomore Syliva Nabonne, “because my teacher is in the CCC.”  Junior Alexa Smith just said “it’s abnormal.” Sophomore Ahana Garinella said, “it’s boring.”