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Fancy or Jammies?

What is appropriate attire for school?

Some say that wearing pajamas to school is beneficial, that it makes students feel comfortable and express themselves freely. 

However, others disagree. Traci Hopper, school psychologist, said that she doesn’t think students should wear pajamas to school.

She said that if she were to wear pajamas to work, she would not be as focused or productive. She said that a student’s job is school, and that it is preparing them for adulthood and the responsibilities of a job out in the world. 

“My belief is that if you take a moment and put on clothes, it shifts your brain from relaxed or sleeping mode to work mode. When you get home, you can put your pajamas on and relax,” Hopper said. 

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Students and staff each have their style, whether it be pajamas or a suit and tie, so what does the Norman North community think about the wearing of pajamas to school?

Katharine Fruit, a senior, said she usually wears leggings or sweatpants and a sweatshirt to school because she values comfort.

“There are people that dress up all the time for school and I admire them but I know that I will never wanna be them since it’s too much effort.” Fruit said.

Steven Brownfield, a senior English teacher, said that he wishes there were more pajama days. 

When asked how he feels about students wearing pajamas versus dressing up, Brownfield stated he does not have an opinion on the matter. 

Brad Dolejsi, teacher and coach, said that he has never worn pajamas to school and thinks students should dress for success.

“Being too comfortable can get sloppy,” Dolejsi said.

He said that he believes that the way you dress is a projection of the environment you’re in and the professionalism that you want to project to people.

“We’re worried more about comfort and less about the specifics of why we’re here,” Dolejsi said, “I think we’re more worried about the emotions and feelings of people than we are about the reason why we should be here, which is to learn.”

Sophomore Josh Booze, said he prefers dressing up for school and that he has never worn pajamas to school. 

When asked if he cares about the way he dresses, Booze said, “I kind of do but it’s not that big of a deal.” He also said that he views wearing pajamas to school as “kind of weird.”

What do you think? Should pajamas be allowed in school or should students focus on dressing professionally?


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Fancy or Jammies? Which do you prefer to wear to school?


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