E-Hallpass More Like E- I’ll Pass


e-hallpass home page, where you can create a hallpass.

- Thomas Richardson

In Advisory on August 26th, 2021, students were shown a video explaining e-hallpass, a digital hall pass system that lets teachers track how long students are out of the room, and where they go. E-hallpass works by selecting the teacher that you currently have, and then by selecting their destination, that is how they “track” you. Teachers are hopeful that it will work eventually, but some are skeptical about it right now. Students, on the other hand, hate it. Students across the board think it’s “useless” “terrible” and “literally pointless and time-consuming”. One student said, “It reminds me of switching to canvas, we hate it now, but it will be normal later.” Only time will tell the fate of e-hallpass.