Enola Holmes


| Netflix

Enola Holmes movie poster.

- Marques Hinson, Staff Writer

Enola Holmes is a Netflix original film based on the book series, The Enola Holmes Mysteries.

The film scored 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and is in the number one spot of the top 10 category of best movies on Netflix

When Enola Holmes, Sherlock & Mycroft Holmes’ younger sister, finds out that their mother is missing, she’s off to seek answers. The movie centers around Enola’s ability to solve complex mysteries like her more famous brother Sherlock Holmes.  In the process she finds a secret society of women activists and the disappearance of her mother.  along The film has moments where the protagonist meets new people and solves other clues that lead to other mysteries.  “I really loved the movie, what caught my attention was that it had 2 of my favorite actresses (Millie Bobby Brown, and Helena Bonham Carter) cast in it, and as soon as I started watching it, I noticed the quality of the movie as a whole.  With complex character development and sweeping scenery, and a twisting and turning plot, Enola Holmes does not disappoint. I give it a 20/10 score.”     

It’s a very exciting movie, I really enjoyed watching it, the suspensefulness of the movie kept me hooked”

— Lillie Farmer

The six books that make up the Enola Holmes series. (| Google Free Images)

The acting was pretty well done, the costume design suited the environment as well as the structures which fitted well for whatever time period they were shooting for and even the backgrounds and decorations from the house rally put everything together”

— Sammy Krane