Meet Ms. Carroll, A New T-Wolf Teacher


| via Shelby Carroll

Ms. Carroll and her children

- Hannah Joo, Writer

Shelby Carroll, a new addition to this year’s Norman North administration, shares her experience at Norman North as a TA and her hopes as an independent teacher. Ms. Carroll is excited to begin teaching here at Norman North after recently graduating in December 2022. Currently, she is teaching English in the North Hall. While student teaching in the first semester of the 2022 school year, she discovered her passion for teaching and spreading joy as an educator, stating, ” I decided to become a teacher because it has always been something I am passionate about.” Her goal in entering the education field is to “make a difference in kids’ learning experience.”

On top of juggling being a first-generation college student and educator, Ms. Carroll is also a mother. She decided to teach here at Norman North because her children attend Norman Public Schools as well and she describes Norman as “a great location for me”. A lot of her inspiration and motivation in the field is thanks to her dedication to “be a great role model for my own children”.

Ms. Carroll is one of the seven new teachers at North this semester. However, as a student teacher last semester for Mr. Woodard, Ms. Carroll got a chance to experience Norman North and the community. When asked about her impression of the school so far she praises Norman North’s spirit and kindness, and states, “I love how supportive the teachers and administrators are. If I ever have a question, there is always someone there to help or answer questions.”

With many years to come at Norman North, Ms. Carroll shares her goals as a teacher and role model for her students. Looking forward she hopes “to bring smiles to faces and challenge others to be the best that they can be.”