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Teacher Trauma

Educators Discuss the Out-Of-Pocket Moments That Stuck With Them

The senior prank is a tradition that has been around for many years. It is the yearly trend of seniors giving a crazy goodbye to high school. However, it is not just once a year that crazy things happen to teachers. 

Steven Brownfield, a senior English teacher, said the most out-of-pocket thing to have happened in his class was, “The story about the dead kid.” 

He said around 10 years ago a kid fell asleep in his class. He said he usually wakes a kid up if they fall asleep in his class.

“And sometimes a kid will fall asleep and I’ll just let him sleep, and I will wake him up when the bell goes off and new kids will come in, and he wakes up and that embarrasses him,” Brownfield said.

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He said that this kid just kept sleeping, so he thought he should wake him up. He called his name multiple times before tapping him on the shoulder.

“And he’s ice cold. And I don’t freak out because I’m really good in a crisis. Inside, I’m thinking he’s dead. He’s dead. He’s dead. He’s dead. He’s dead. I’m freaking out,” Brownfield said.

He said he called the office to send the resource officers down and they kept shaking him. Brownfield said he could feel a pulse, but he did not realize the kid was sitting under the air conditioner, which is why he was so cold. He said the officers finally got the kid to wake up and they took him down to the office.

“I thought I had a dead child in my classroom. Turns out he was just an extremely deep sleeper that morning,” Brownfield said. The kid never fell asleep in his class again. 

Elizabeth Howell, junior English teacher, said the most out-of-pocket thing to have happened to her was a student who “Didn’t quite understand boundaries.”

She said he had gotten called out of her room to the front office, and he had left his backpack in her classroom. 

The next hour was her planning period, so she said he must have seen her walking toward the women’s restroom, and his backpack was locked in her room.

“So I go into the women’s bathroom and I go in the stall and hear ‘Miss. Howell’. And I thought, no, no, not really. And I think I hear ‘Miss Howell’. It’s [my student], he’s in the women’s bathroom,” Howell said.

“I heard his voice. I was like, oh my God, [my student] is in the bathroom. Okay. Just like it was no big deal, right? Yeah, I got to see his mom or something. I was like, oh my God,” Howell said.

She said the student asked if she could come to unlock her door because he left his backpack in her room. Howell responded by saying, “I’ll be right there.”

“But he didn’t even mean anything by it. He’s like, ‘Oh, there she goes.’ And just followed her. That was just how he was,” Howell said.

Sheila Hunter, visual art teacher, said the most out-of-pocket thing to have happened in her class was the “Time a wasp flew in.”

She said wasps come in pretty frequently, but this time it was being aggressive and attacking everyone and there was a lot of screaming. 

She said that she is terrified of wasps, but she chased it around with her shoe, and that wasn’t working.

“So as soon as it landed on someone’s MacBook, I slammed the MacBook down and it exploded in the MacBook and it was very juicy,” Hunter said.

She said the student who owned the MacBook cleaned up the mess and it did not ruin the MacBook.

“It did save the day. And I think that’s the most important part about the story,” Hunter said.


Student names redacted to protect identity. Though none of the students mentioned still attend NNHS.

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