Get Ready for a New Newspaper


| Alisa

Members of the 2024 newspaper staff pose for a photo together.

- Hannah Joo, Writer

Soon to be editor-in-chief of next year’s campaigns for the newspaper and seeks more writers for next year’s staff. With the current editor-in-chief of Norman North’s newspaper graduating this year, Adianna Casey has been appointed as next year’s editor-in-chief. Adianna, who goes by Adia, is in the class of 2024. She is an avid listener of Taylor Swift, a member of the Salad Club, and loves hanging out with friends. Adia has been working as a part of both the yearbook and newspaper during her time at North. With her experience on the staff Adia has written countless articles and cannot wait to take charge of The Howl. 

As seats in the class open up, Adia plans to visit Whittier and Longfellow with her editors as a way to recruit more students for the future staff of Norman North’s newspaper. “Newspaper’s a fun way to collaborate with friends and cover the school,” Adia reports. In newspaper, students learn how to use high-quality cameras, experience journalism firsthand, and keep up with everything going on in the school. Through interviewing others and having an eye over the school, students learn the real-world skills of reporting. Newspaper is a way to have a voice while having fun and meeting new people. 

As Adia prepares for her new role, she introduces new ideas and plans for next year. She begins her journey with a trip to the middle schools, which is sure to raise attention to the program. Additionally, she plans to redesign the website to make it more appealing and user-friendly. With her update of The Howl students will have an easier time navigating the articles and get a better overall experience. With all this in mind, change is coming to The Howl from both the staff and the audience. Adia will be assisted by Thatcher Mcmorris and Brandon Johnson as other editors in the newspaper. They can’t wait to get started!