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What students and staff are up to during lunch

Have you ever wondered how students can afford to go out for lunch every day? How about the students that stay on campus, or even teachers? Dive into how students and staff are spending their lunch periods, whether it be at school or off-campus.

Tate Johnson and Joseph Hollins posing after answering questions about their lunch plans. (| Hannah Lovelace)

Junior Tate Johnson and senior Joseph Hollins stated that they have a schedule for their lunches.

On Mondays, they go to Chick-fil-A, on Tuesdays, they go to Chipotle, and on Wednesdays through Fridays, they go to Panda Express and Qdoba. 

“We don’t have any classes after third hour, so we just chill there for a while,” Hollins said.

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Johnson said that they might go to Target or Crumbl afterward.

Both boys stated that their parents bankroll their lunchtime excursions. When asked how they feel about students who stay at school for lunch, they said those students are having the time of their lives.

Jacob Reed and Marco Martin smiling after reflecting on their lunch plans. (| Hannah Lovelace)

Freshmen Jacob Reed and Marco Martin said they play basketball during lunch in the south gym.

When asked how they feel about students who leave campus for lunch, Reed said, “They’re cool. I envy them,” and that they both want to leave campus. 

They said they don’t find it crazy how students can afford it, but rather are jealous that upperclassmen can even leave campus. 

“It’s not like they’re paying every time. They just go out and go off campus,” Martin said.

Logan Curtis during her interview, she stated how she would love to go out to eat but is too busy. (| Hannah Lovelace)

Logan Curtis, ELA Coordinator, teacher, and SPUD Advisor, said if she doesn’t have lunch duty, she usually gives students their language proficiency testing and eats at her desk during lunch.

Curtis said she brings leftovers from home or eats something she keeps in her fridge. When asked if she would prefer if she could go out to eat more often, she said, “I would love that, but I don’t ever leave the building.”

Daniel McMorris gearing up to exit for lunchtime.
(| Hannah Lovelace)

Sophomore Daniel McMorris said he usually goes home and eats there during lunch.

“I don’t have a fifth or sixth hour, so I just stay for the rest of the day,” McMorris said.

He said his friends sometimes come over during lunch or he goes out with them.

McMorris said he gets the money to go out through his parents.

“I do stuff around the house, or I work with my parents sometimes on the weekends,” McMorris said.

When asked how he feels about students who stay on campus, McMorris said it’s just what they want to do so they can.

Abby Decker speaking about her excitement to have off-campus lunch next year.
(| Hannah Lovelace)

Freshman Abby Decker said she usually hangs out with her friends in the commons or outside during lunch.

“We mainly talk or walk around. At least outside we can,” Decker said.

She said she is very excited to be able to leave campus for lunch because it gets very boring sometimes having to stay at school. 

Scott Oglesby looking pleased about his upcoming lunchtime plans.
(| Hannah Lovelace)

Teacher Scott Oglesby said he usually eats out of the cafeteria if he has lunch duty or goes out for lunch.

When asked if he would rather pack a lunch or go out to eat, he said,  “I just go home. I live close enough. I don’t have to pack a lunch and bring it. I can just drive home and eat and come back. It’s easier than packing your lunch.”

A poll showed that 66% of students pay for their lunch, 22% said their parents pay for their lunch, and 12% stay at school.

What about you, what do you do during your lunch period? Would you rather stay on campus or leave to buy food with friends? 

What do you prefer to do for lunch most days?

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