It’s Twos-Day!

- Brandon Johnson, Sophia Potts, and Adia Casey

Today the internet is going crazy over Twos-Day, which has become notorious for the number of twos in the date. Today is the twenty-second day of the second month of two-thousand twenty-two, making it a palindrome day, which is a day where the date can be read the same forwards and backward. Twos-Day is also an ambigram which means if upside down it can still be read the same. The next Twos-Day falling on a Tuesday will not occur for another four hundred years in 6022. Twos in astrology mark the union of two people or ideas, and in relation to the special date filled with twos, many couples are dashing to the chapel to get married.

In schools, a number of teachers have decided to do some fun activities in correlation to Twos-Day. Students in Mrs. Burnes’s class were asked to draw a 2 and then make it into something. This student (who chose to remain anonymous) chose to draw a shark.

A picture of a “2s Day” assignment | Sophia Potts

In Ms. Long-Wheeler’s Algebra 2 class students were given a Twos-Day assignment in place of their regular homework.

A picture of a “Twos-Day assignment.”