Meet Your 2022 Junior HOCO Court


- Jackson Snyder and Brandon Johnson

This year, your teachers nominated students to be your 2022-2023 homecoming candidates. Students voted on their top 5 boys and girls, now it’s time to meet them.

Sierra Hill is an active member of the Environmental club here at North, and in the Student Council. She plays tennis at North, and on the Varsity team. She says you should vote for her, due to her being involved in a lot of things outside of school.  A random fact about her is she can do 30 double unders with a jump rope.

Carver Rogers is an outside linebacker for Norman North’s varsity football team and plays basketball too. He wants your vote because the school needs more diversity, and there’s nobody better to vote for. A random fact he would like you to know is that he only uses conditioner so no need to ask why his hair looks the way it does. He greatly appreciates your vote. 

Tanner Ellis is in the Alphas, the student section leader for events, and in the National Honors Society. He also plays baseball and is a pitcher. He says students should vote for him because he is a great representative of the school and a good example of the core values here at North. A random fact about him is that he can bench 225, and he was a terrific kid in elementary school.

Sophia Potts is a volleyball player for North and on the Varsity team. She says she wants people to vote for her, because it’s an honor to be voted the homecoming princess, and she always has wanted to win homecoming princess. She’s in cosmetology at Moore Norman and wants to help people be the best version of themselves.

Parker Gladhill is currently a part of Project Linus and in DEN where she is a video committee senator. In the spring, she runs hurdles, but she mainly focuses on her volleyball career where she plays middle blocker. She also plays at Oklahoma Peak Performance in the winter. She believes that you should vote for her because she tries to be as involved as much as she can and always tries to leave a positive impact. Things she would like you to know are that she is an aspiring photographer and videographer and wants to pursue those fields as a career in the future. She also wants you to know that she is incredibly honored to be on the ballot.

Zachary Maddry is a Video Vice-Chair for SPUD where he films promos that you can check out on the SPUD Instagram. Students should vote for him if they value knowledge, strength, and integrity, he also listens to Yeat. Random things to know about Zach are his favorite book is the Encyclopedia which he reads while working out, he also makes videos and can land a bottle flip 23% of the time.

Elias Battle is currently in HALCC where he helps with fundraisers and club activities, he also plays varsity football at North and is a cornerback. He wants people to vote for him because he is outgoing and cares about others. He greatly appreciates your vote.

Sage Donahoo is a part of SPUD where she is on the general committee. She plays outside and DS on the volleyball team. She believes you should vote for who you think is the nicest and also wants everyone to know that she has never been a part of anything like this before and it is making her stressed.

Voting will take place on Voting4Schools on Friday. More information to come. The winners will be announced during halftime of the football game on Friday.