Mental Health In Teens-Special Edition-COVID-19


| Hope Dawson

Students continue to struggle with the ongoing effects of social distancing and closed schools.

- Hope Dawson, Editor


To the readers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  April 3, 2020

The students decided to continue the mental health series in the face of the social dilemma that we are all currently experiencing.  We all share the human condition.  We’re all stressed out and scared.  But some fear is okay.  Stress is natural and can be redirected into something productive, and anxiety is brought about by what is unknown.  Things are changing daily and that gives me hope.  Someday we will see the end of this and somehow be better for it. There are many inspirations still left uncovered, so just hang on and we will get through this. The Howl will dedicate to publish for students as long as the students need to hear our collective voices.                 

Scott Oglesby

Poor mental health in one’s formative, teenage years could be setting you up for issues as an adult, and with these uncertain times mental health is a problem that should be dealt with globally. COVID 19 is a very serious virus and should be treated as such, but what are the costs of this process? A teenager’s life is mostly based around her friends and the things she is involved in at her school. However, with social isolation these positive outlets are being taken away, making the student become more at risk for developing depression or anxiety. 


All over the world teens are obsessing about their loneliness and being stuck inside. How do we combat this mentality? However hard it may be, sticking to your normal routine as closely as possible is a positive reinforcement to a negative mindset; this will keep you active, make you less likely to spiral, and help you re-adjust to when life goes back to normal. 


Another way to refrain from a negative mentality is to regulate the amount of coronavirus coverage you are viewing. It is very tempting to scroll through all these articles about the virus to try to keep up to date, which is not a bad thing, however, this could cause you to over-research the pandemic. Look into credible sources and try to limit the time you spend reading about it, this will make your mind more at ease during this crazy time. 


Refrain from focusing on being “stuck inside” and start to look at another perspective by focusing on yourself and your life. doing at least one positive thing a day will relieve your mind of unnecessary stress the pandemic may be causing you. This could be cleaning your house, meditation, or going outside to get some air. 


It is very easy to fall into bad habits during this time, therefore, as a community, we need different ways to combat what could potentially be a terrible situation for a student. Everyone is different so they not all these options work for one specific person. Find something that will help you to not focus on what you can’t control around you, but what you can control in your own life. If you or a loved one is in need of help please do not hesitate to reach out.