Sarah Boone SPUD Chair


| Caroline Carpenter

Sarah Boone one of our 2020 SPUD chairs.

- Caroline Carpenter, Editor

On January 9th, I had the pleasure of meeting with Sarah Boone, one of our 2020 SPUD chairs, to discuss Norman North’s annual SPUD week. This tradition has been going on for 20 years and has helped 59 recipients by raising over $2,000,000. Norman North has three SPUD chairs this year, Ashley Mercer, Anna Tweedy, and Sarah Boone. 


Caroline Carpenter: What is SPUD?

Sarah Boone: SPUD is Norman North’s philanthropy week, and it is usually during the first week back at school [after winter break].


CC: What do you want people to know about SPUD?

SB: SPUD week is more than just raising money; it’s about providing hope for families and organizations that may not otherwise have [it].


CC: What do you want people to know about SPUD 2020 that will begin January 6?

SB: This year’s SPUD is a lot bigger, and a lot more detailed than ever before. And we have the most amount of recipients ever.


CC: Who are the SPUD recipients?

SB: We have seven SPUD recipients this year, we have three organizations and four families. We have Among Friends, Bethesda and Cavett Kids and then we have Mr. Campus, Celina Lautzenheiser, Aaron Wilson, and Xander Brayfield.


CC: How much money have you raised so far?

SB: I am not allowed to know the total, but personally, I’ve raised about $5,000, so far.


CC: What is the theme?

SB: This year’s theme is Phineas and Ferb.


CC: How long have you been in SPUD?

SB: This is my third year being in SPUD, I couldn’t be in SPUD my freshman year I didn’t get accepted into committee, but this is my third year.


CC: Can anyone be in SPUD?

SB: Yes, anyone can be in SPUD this year we actually started more of an effort to include special needs students and applications are open to anyone to be on the committee or to be a recipient, and we encourage participation from the whole student body as well as assemblies and events to.


CC: What’s your favorite thing about SPUD?

SB: My favorite thing about SPUD is the fact that as high schoolers we can do something for the recipients, that some adults are not event capable of; we have so much power to make a difference, that we may not otherwise have, if we didn’t go to Norman North.

we have so much power to make a difference, that we may not otherwise have, if we didn’t go to Norman North.”

— Sarah Boone

CC: When did SPUD begin?

SB: SPUD began in the spring semester of 2001 and this is the 20th year.

| Thomas RIchardson
Anna Tweety, Sarah Boone, & Ashley Mercer the 2020 SPUD chairs.

On Thursday, January 8th students enjoyed a delicious breakfast provided annually by Norman North’s own Key Club from 9:00-11:00 am. Students got all you eat pancakes including sausage and a drink. Tickets cost $5 unless they went with a class that made the tickets $3 and all of the proceeds went towards SPUD. Some other SPUD events included a lip sync battle during 6th hour and a talent show at 6 pm in the North Gym both on Thursday. On Friday there was a minute to win it during 3rd hour and a dodgeball tournament at 6 pm in the South Gym. And on  Monday, January 13th the SPUD closing ceremony was held during 1st hour. Every event costs $5 for a ticket unless they have a VIP wristband that is going for $25, and $15 the week before break. All paid assemblies and night events proceeds went towards SPUD. In the end, Norman North raised $206,538.18. An amazing ending to SPUD 2020!