Sweetheart of a Dance


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- Kaylie Swobota, Author

On Saturday, February 15, Norman North’s Teen Volunteers club put on a dance for special needs kids in the multi-purpose room. It took place from 5:30-7:30 but members arrived at 4:30 to set up all the beautiful decorations.


All of the kids enjoyed dancing to the loud music and getting food from the snack bar. This dance wasn’t exclusive to special needs and volunteers, it was also open to the public to come to this heart-warming experience


Giving back to your community is such a heart-filling thing and that is what Teen Volunteers is all about. The president of the club, Addison Horn, explained, “Seeing the love and the impact that our volunteer work makes in others lives is so empowering. The Sweethearts Dance is especially important to me, and our club, because it brings so much joy to these kids; to just have a fun night where they can be surrounded by love and just dance and have a good time.”


Teen Volunteers is a very welcoming and growing club, and an easy way to get involved in your community. You can find more information at Norman North’s next club fair!