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- Kaycee Miller, Contributor

Letter from Editor,

Welcome to The Howl, a student-led platform for student journalism over student life and events surrounding Norman North and the community. In the publications department, we are dedicated to being a voice for the students. The staff has been bouncing around a story to make a connection with one another, whether that means negative or positive feedback. The idea is to open up the conversation over safe sex practices and the role that school plays when it comes to informing students.

This past week Senior, Kaycee Miller, got the privilege to talk to a previous Norman North student over her story, and experience, with her pregnancy as a teen going to high school. This interview was done via text message and the former student wishes to remain anonymous. This interview focuses on her experience and does not represent all teen pregnancies or Norman North.

By Cris Sibley


What is your current school situation?

I do Epic Charter Online. 

Why are you doing online school?

It’s easier for, me, while I’m pregnant.

How old are you?

I’m 17 years old.

How far along are you?

8 Months pregnant. 

Which high schools did you attend?

I went to Norman North High school but changed schools to Dimensions Academy High school because I was falling behind, and just a few months later, I found out I was pregnant. I stayed at dimensions until I was 7 months pregnant, but then stopped because it was getting too hard for me to get up early every day and stay awake and focused. I would be uncomfortable in the seats and fall asleep. I then started an online school called Epic Charter Schools.

How did you view high school and did that change since you got pregnant?

I never liked school and I’ve always struggled in school, but now that I’m about to be a mom, I have to push myself to do better and graduate. 

What are some of your favorite things about going to school while pregnant?  

The answer is later in the article-the editor

What would you say changed when people found out?  

When others found out I was pregnant, I was judged and talked down to, but I still have good friends supporting me and helping me. 

What did you struggle with most whenever you were going to school pregnant?

What I struggle with most with while going to school pregnant was just being so nauseous, tired, and uncomfortable all the time. It was hard but I had to push through. I didn’t want to just quit and have a baby without at least graduating high school.

What has been the most challenging thing that you have had to face while pregnant? When others found out I was pregnant, of course, I was judged and talked down to, but I still have good friends supporting me and helping me.

What would you say to someone going through a similar situation?  If I knew someone going through this right now I would tell them that I know it’s really hard, and sometimes you just feel like giving up, but you can’t. We have to do this not only for us but for our child. Others act like we purposely got pregnant young and call us [promiscuous phrases edit] for getting pregnant young. 

Why do you think teen pregnancy is such a controversial topic? What I can’t stand is when people find out someone is pregnant at a young age they immediately start judging and talking bad on them like it was the worst thing ever. Yes, being young and pregnant is hard and not always fun, but we’re trying and doing our best to continue our lives.

In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception about teen pregnancy? Yes, some girls get pregnant at a young age, but that’s on them and that was their decision and now they have to go through something they didn’t expect was so hard, but I hope they don’t regret their decision and I hope they are happy. It happens. Girls get pregnant young and it’s honestly nobody else’s business.

Do you know any other teen moms? I actually know a couple of other teen moms and they told me how difficult it will be, but also told me how worth it all is and how much they love being a mom. It’s hard, but it’s also amazing knowing you made a baby. A real human being grew inside our bodies and we get to experience amazing things. It’s honestly crazy to think our bodies can grow a baby. I’m about done with my pregnancy but it still blows my mind that there’s actually a little human inside my belly and getting to feel him move and kick is great. It’s sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s still something so amazing to experience. My mother was also a teen mother.

Are you currently in any programs to relieve some of this stress? I’m not in any programs to help with the stress but I probably should’ve joined one because I have been very stressed throughout my pregnancy. I’m a teenager who’s pregnant and, of course, I’ll be stressed. My mom and my boyfriend and a few close friends have been really helpful. 

What do you think could be done different for someone struggling in school?  I think all schools should have daycares so teen parents can continue their school work. It would help so much and our children could be close to us while we’re in school and we wouldn’t have to worry about paying so much to put them into other daycares. Going to school while pregnant was hard.

Were there any negatives with being in public school while pregnant? I would get judged and stared at. It wasn’t always great but there were good things too. 

What were the positives of moments while being in school?  I would also get help from others and my teachers were very supportive and understanding.

Did you take any courses over family life before or during your pregnancy?  I did not take any courses over family life before or during my pregnancy but honestly, I don’t feel like I need it. I know what it’s gonna be like for me. I have 5 siblings and I helped my parents raise them. I know it’ll be much harder since I’ll be taking care of my baby 24/7, not just helping out with my siblings. It’s different when it’s your own child you’re taking care of.

Do you plan on continuing your education?  I am going to continue my education through Online until I graduate. I was going to go back to school after having my son but I want to be with him, and my mom will be helping me every day, so I can do my school work.

How has this impacted your family? Me getting pregnant has changed my family. It was hard on my parents at first because I’m still a child. I may almost be18 but I’m still so young, but my boyfriend is very supportive and he’s so excited for our son to be here soon within these next couple weeks. He goes to school every day and goes to work right after and has been saving up to support us. We’ve been together for almost three years and he will be an amazing father. I have an amazing family with so much support. I’m honestly not worried about much. Yes, it’ll be very hard and stressful for my boyfriend and me to be parents while still in school, but I know we can do it. 

What do you think your life will look like one year from now? Five years from now?  I think in 1 year from now my life will still be hard but I know I’ll be happy. I’ve always wanted to be young when I have kids, but, of course, I didn’t think it would happen this soon. 5 years from now, I’m hoping my boyfriend and I will have our own place with our son and I hope to be working too, not just my boyfriend [working]. I would like to earn my own money too. My pregnancy has been hard, and I’ve lost friends along the way; I’ve missed out on being a regular teenager, like going out to parties and not having to worry about anything except school, but I don’t regret keeping my baby. My life has been hard and will continue to be from here on out, but it’s not over. I’m still happy and will continue to be with my family.