That’s A Wrap for SPUD 2023


| Tatum Selby

SPUD money raise amount.

- Tatum Selby, Sports Writer

The 2023 SPUD (Students Performing Unselfish Deeds) closing was held Tuesday, January 10th, in the North gym. SPUD week is designed to raise student awareness about events designed to raise money for recipients chosen by committee members last year. SPUD Chairs Cal Smith and Jamaal Jackson talked us through the ending of SPUD and all the great work SPUD has done this year. SPUD has raised money throughout the school year by hosting games and places around town.

For the opening, there was a dance with the SPUD Chairs and Ambassadors, and the Good Morning SPUD video part 2 was shown. Videos were shown about our recipients, ambassadors, and SPUD Chairs. Dylan Wall was in charge of the service hours and in total, the service total was 2,412 hours! Our top server was Gabby Lupia spending 122 hours working for SPUD.   The top serving organization was the Key Club working 197 hours. Jamaal Jackson, Cal Smith, Shardian Sherrer, and Lanie Kight played a big part this year for SPUD, and now they are moving on to bigger things and stepping down.

This year for 2023 SPUD raised $212,553.47, Norman North and SPUD have made a big impact on our community and we can’t wait to see how they do next year.