The DEN Experience


| Via Norman North DEN

The 2022-2023 members of DEN pose for a group photo.

- Yasmin Ruiz, Writer

DEN (Developing Excellence at North) is the student council here at Norman North. There are 11 committees you can be a part of, and DEN will actually allow you to switch committees every 9 weeks. This allows you the opportunity to experience up to 4 committees. Each committee is so different, but work side by side to help make our school experience better.

 The committees are Social Committee, Tech Committee, Faculty Commitee, Publicity Commitee, S.P.U.D Commitee, S.P.U.D ambassador committee, Video Commitee, Timberwolf Committee, Art Commitee, Fine Arts Commitee, and Feeder School Committee. Each one of these committees can help find what you are interested in, and find your passions. Some of the people in DEN even go on to pursue it as their career. There is no doubt that you could find something that interests you in DEN.

Even more than that DEN is a good community of diverse people, and a strong support group. They have many activities inside of DEN that is fun for everybody involved such as holiday parties, and DEN skate night. DEN is an opportunity to be very involved in the school. It required you to be an active member in clubs, go to school events, encourage people to dress up for spirit days, and overall show lots of school spirit. 

Emily Ellis-Collett, a current junior here at Norman North, stated that she was able to switch from the Social committee to Art Committee and loved the experience of both. In Social Committee she was able to organize semi and homecoming, plan decorations, work school events, and plan lots of other DEN-organized events. In the Art Committee, she does the chalkboard, art board, decorations for Fill the Bucket, DEN shirts, hoodies, and more. There are always new fun things to do for the school in DEN. 

If you are a person interested in being in a club, being involved, being hands-on with what happens in the school, being a part of a fun community, and showing school spirit DEN could be a great option for you. Although the openings for DEN  are now closed, you can still find plenty of ways to be involved!