The New Pencil Solution


| Liz Yue

Ms. Russ stands with pencils after being interviewed by students.

- Hannah Powers, Writer

Ms. Russ teaches Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and geometry in the Freshman Academy.

She didn’t want to waste all of her money buying pencils so she heard from other teachers of the idea that she could rent out a pencil in exchange for something they own, she had heard from the other teachers that they’d exchange for phones, shoes, but Ms. Russ said that she didn’t want anything she’d have to look over, so she came up with the idea to exchange 10 cents instead, she said she’d hold onto the 10 cents until you’d give her back the borrowed pencil. 

She enforced this rule because last semester, and many semesters before, she went through more than a pack of pencils per week, and many students think this is a great solution! We love you Ms. Russ!