The Perfect Prom Guide

Editors Note: The two students pictured in the featured image are not actually going to Prom together.

With Prom a month away, students all throughout North are trying to figure out the perfect Prom plan. Don’t stress out though, The Howl’s got a plan that is sure to make your Prom night one to remember. We asked the students of North what they think makes the perfect Prom night.

First up for your Prom checklist is a prom-posal. @jj.dye says, “Do it in a way that is special to her. Like something that she’ll like.” @benjaminathannathan says, “throw a rock thru their window with a note tied to it saying dance with me.”

Now that that’s out of the way, you have to decide what to wear to Prom. Your outfit says a lot about you and you want to stand out. User @upup15_ says, “[wear] something stylish.” Another response from @benjaminathannathan says “swim trunks and a bow tie (no shirt).”

Before the big dance, user @jj.dye suggests that you “eat” to fuel up for all those fun hours of dancing.  User @_bedelia_amelia_ says, “Pretend you are Batman. After prom, go home with a raging headache & sleep.”

Last on the list is what not to do at prom. @jj.dye says, “don’t be nervous and don’t miss out on something that you want.” @_bedelia_amelia_ says, “don’t promposal just sneak into their room and ask them at midnight it’ll 100%% work.”

Now that you have everything you need on your list, your Prom will sure be a night to remember. Send requests for any guides to @nnhshowl.