The Sweetheart Dance: A Valentines Groove


| Adia Casey and Kennedy Kirkland

Students dance at the Sweethearts Dance.

- Kennedy Kirkland, Writer

On Saturday, February 11th, the Sweetheart Dance was hosted at Norman North High School to be a sensory-friendly dance for our school’s crew kids. The dance had a photo wall, delicious sweets, a dance floor, and tables to color throughout the dance.

The Sweetheart Dance was run by Mrs. Capps, along with her National Honor Society students volunteering and socializing with the crew kids. The volunteers ran the dessert tables and danced with the crew kids. Parents were able to come in and watch their kids have a joyous and pleasant time. 

Volunteering at the dance myself I’d say it was a wonderful experience and it’s great to actually hang out with crew kids. I enjoyed how many volunteers would come together during the dance and engage in fun activities. For example, a conga line was formed, the game “Duck Duck Goose” took place, and there was a dance circle that occurred at certain points during the dance. The crew kids felt confident to step out and dance the evening away. The smiles on their faces showed their true glee in being able to share that experience with their fellow friends and volunteers.