Viva Las Prom


| Adam Nixon

Will Burkett (senior)and Carly Neidel (junior) lead a conga line at Prom.

- Thomas Richardson and Alisa Burt

On Saturday, April 30th, North’s long-awaited Prom began at 7 pm in the OU Memorial Ballroom. There were a few “Las Vegas” themed decorations, including a photo backdrop and tall foam dice. In the refreshment area, there was a variety of snacks and drinks, including an assortment of miniature baked goods.

Prom Royalty this year was limited to only seniors, with Kelli Thicksten being crowned as Queen and Colin Jones as King. When asked about the experience, Colin said,  ” It was unexpected but pretty cool. Afterward, I went to Norman Music Fest and then swimming with friends.”

One student when asked about their experience at this year’s Prom said, “Very fun. Had a blast!! Love the photos that were taken!”

Prom was definitely a blast as there were more than 500 tickets sold.