What is Pushin P?


| Thomas Richardson

Someone “Pushin P.”

Recently a new trend has taken social media platforms by storm. The trend in question was sparked by the release of a new track by prominent rapper Gunna called “pushin’ P”. The song quickly became viral after its release and is now spreading rapidly across TikTok and Instagram. Although the song has gained immense popularity, people still ask the question, what is “pushin, P”? The phrase “Pushin P” is native to the South and has been used for several years prior to the popular song’s release in Texas and the Bay area. People have lost track of the exact definition, but the general definition means “keeping it real” and is typically a favorable quality. Gunna quickly took to Twitter and gave an example of someone who is pushin’ P, “Being loyal is definitely P,” said the rapper, “Jumpin’ in a person[al] situation when you don’t know what’s going on, not P.” Thanks to TikTok, the phrases “pushin P” and “P” have gone from a regional term to a worldwide term.

Gunnas tweet stating, “Being Loyal is Definitely P.” (| via Gunna on Twitter)