Who’s Ready For Finals?

- Brandon Johnson, Co-editor in Chief

The 2022-2023 school year is coming to an end soon, and with that comes the dreaded finals week. Finals week begins on Monday, May 22nd with two days of regular school, and the rest dedicated to exams. Wednesday will be 1st and 5th finals, Thursday will be 2nd and 6th finals, and Friday will be 3rd and 7th finals. Seniors will take their finals Monday and Tuesday as well as anyone taking a zero-hour final.

Students may exempt a final by filling out a finals exemption form. Forms are DUE Friday, May 19th. To obtain a form you must have no unexcused absences in any classes, no more than 1 tardy for the class being exempted, and all fees must be paid.

If you are going to miss a final be sure to grab a final reshedule form to schedule another time to take your final. Students may leave one hour before the final ends if they have handwritten parental consent. Students who leave must exit campus immediately. Good luck on those finals T-Wolves!