The Year(book) in a Snapshot


| Jacks

Mr. Oglesby, the journalism teacher, and Jackson Rogers, the current yearbook Editor In Chief converse after the banquet ends.

- Hannah Joo, Writer

On Monday, April 24, Yearbook and Newspaper held a banquet honoring this year’s accomplishments as a program. Yearbook is an elective that gives students first-hand experience in creation and design. Similarly, Newspaper is a class that teaches students advanced journalism skills such as photography, interviewing, and writing. Not only was Yearbook able to successfully produce another yearbook to add to the Norman North collection, but this year’s Newspaper staff was able to publish (blank) articles written by students on their website. All of these achievements were recognized at the 2022-23 Yearbook and Newspaper Banquet.

At the banquet, students, friends, and family were invited to reminisce on the accomplishment of the program. It began with refreshments including cakes, candy, and ice cream. After everyone got settled, Mr. Oglesby, Yearbook and Newspaper teacher, began his speech. He summarized the significance of the work the program has done for Norman North and left the floor open for students to share their experiences. Overall the banquet was a way for the Yearbook and Newspaper students to get together and celebrate the year. “It was a blast,” Mr. Oglesby reports.

As well as the overarching celebration of the program as a whole, several individuals received special recognition. Alisa Burt, Newspaper Editor in Chief, and Jackson Rogers, Yearbook Editor in Chief, received awards in honor of their time as head editors. These students played a crucial part in the functioning of this program under the guidance of Mr. Oglesby.  As graduating seniors, both recipients reminisced on their time on the Norman North staff, with Burt saying in her speech “I am proud of what the Newspaper has accomplished in my time here.” In addition, at the banquet, Yearbook and Newspaper announced next year’s staff will be in the hands of Adianna Casey and Brandon Johnson for the newspaper, with Jesenya Darnell and Abby Barnes for the yearbook. Special awards went out to several incoming students to the program including Liz Yue who won the “Most Articles Written.” “As a freshman,” Yue comments, “I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion.”