Come To The Lunar Eclipse Watch Party!


| ESA/CESAR- M. Castillo

A photo of the Blood Moon from July 2018.

- Alisa Burt, Co-Editor In Chief

On Sunday, May 15th, there will be a lunar eclipse between 9:30 and 11:30 pm. A Lunar Eclipse is when the moon passes through Earth’s shadow. The moon will appear to be a deep red color, often nicknamed the “Blood Moon.” The Norman Astronomy Classes and Clubs are hosting a watch party for all students and faculty. It will be hosted during the Lunar Eclipse and on the “East/Back Side” of Norman North. This watch party is a weather-dependent event, meaning the watch party is dependent on the skies being clear. As of right now, it is projected for clear skies Sunday night.

Participants are asked to park in the Atheltic Lot on the North Side of the building. Viewers are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or a view from the ground. The watch party is a “Come-and-Go” event.

The watch party is sponsored by:

Norman North Astronomy Classes and Clubs, OKC Astronomy Club, Odyssey Astronomy Club, NASA/JPL Night Sky Network, Girl Scout Astronomy Club of Western Oklahoma, and OU Lunar Sooners.