DeAngelis on Wrestling

- Thatcher McMorris

If you have been wondering what is going on with wrestling, then look no further.

McMorris: What is next for Wrestling? Are there going to be anymore meets, what do you think?


DeAngelis: So we just had a tournament last weekend, right now we have a state tournament this Saturday, then wrestling is done for a while until we start freestyle.


McMorris: Has anyone left, or are the same people still here.


DeAngelis: Right now we have the same group, we had a pretty good year off people joining the team, and staying on the team this year.


McMorris: Are there any lingering concerns for the season?


DeAngelis: For this season no, like I said, the season is almost over. We are really past the hard, scary part, right, and then we have the state tournament coming up.