DEN Election Projections


| Adam Nixion

Pie Chart of the President Election Projections.

- Thomas Richardson

This weekend we put a poll out to see how people plan on voting in tomorrow’s DEN Executive Election for next school year. The results are as shown. Please note that these are only projections and not final, as the election hasn’t happened yet.

The projected DEN President is junior, Noah Brown, with 43.42% in the poll. Following Noah are juniors, Jamaal Jackson with 17.10%  and Abby Gray 7.89%.  31.57% of those polled are undecided as of right now.

There was no poll for Vice President as junior, Dylan Wall, is the only candidate.

The projected DEN PR Executive is, junior, Kaleb Favaloro with 50.70% in the poll. Tuqa Alibadi, junior, trails him with  14.08% in the poll.  35.21% of those polled are undecided as of right now.

The projected DEN Treasurer is sophomore, Avery Hopper with 33.84% in the poll. Bentley Wright, junior, trails her with  23.07% in the poll.  43.07% of those polled are undecided as of right now.

As these are only projections of tomorrow’s election, they aren’t the final results, however, it gives us insight into how students plan on voting. Make sure you vote tomorrow during Advisory.