Firearm Found on Campus: student safety being demonstrated as top priority


- Hope Dawson, Editor

On Monday, March 2, 2020 a student was found with a firearm on campus. There was no indication that the student had any intent to bring danger to any other student nor harm the school in any way. However, firearms are not allowed on the campus, so the student will be facing repercussions. Dr. Kristi Gray, principal, sent out an email to all students and parents stating the following:


“We wanted to inform you of an incident that occurred at school today. This morning, a teacher reported a concern about a Norman North student. Through our investigative process, we found the student was in possession of a firearm. We immediately engaged the Norman Police Department. The student did not make a threat to the school and complied with police officers. Regardless, we do not tolerate any weapons on campus and any student found to be in possession of one will face criminal charges and is disciplined according to our board policy and to the fullest extent of the law. Student safety is our top priority, and we appreciate our staff who followed our protocols and immediately reported the concern. For more information about our commitment to safety, visit”

Dr. Kristi Gray, Principal

The students were mostly unaware of the situation until the email was sent out. The information of what exactly happened is still unknown to the majority of the public. The faculty handled the entire event in less than an hour without a disruption to the learning environment. Student safety is continually being demonstrated as a top priority at Norman Public Schools.