Game, Set, Match | A Boys Tennis Recap


Norman North boys Varsity at Carl Albert tournament in Oklahoma City after placing 2nd

- Grey Lashbrook and Tage Rex

This year we have a strong boy’s tennis team with many seniors that are playing very well. So far the Norman North boy’s tennis team has placed first overall at the Ardmore tournament (8 teams), and second in both the Carl Albert and Ada tournaments (16 teams). 

Bryan Joo (Junior) playing #1 singles has placed 2nd at Ardmore, was absent at the Carl Albert Tournament, and due to injury had to withdraw late in the Ada tournament, he unfortunately, placed 4th by default. 

Tage Rex (Senior) the #2 singles tennis player on the team, has achieved a golden match, winning 12 consecutive games without dropping a point against Seminole. Tage has placed 1st at the Ardmore and Ada tournaments and won consolation while playing #1 singles at Carl Albert. 

Last Friday at the Carl Albert tournament Kale Jefferey (Sophomore) substituted in for Bryan Joo for #2 singles and had an incredible 2nd round comeback vs. Yukon, with a score of 1-6, 6-4 (10-4). He continued to win and placed first overall. 

Matt Dillion (Senior) and Hadden Blackman (Junior) Play #1 doubles and have performed consistently well in each tournament, placing 2nd at the Ardmore, Ada, and Carl Albert tournaments.

#2 Doubles partners Andrew Irick(Jounior) and Cooper McGuire(Senior) placed 1st overall in the Ardmore tournament and 3rd in both the Carl Albert and Ada tournaments.

The JV team is also looking very strong this season, placing 1st in every division at the Deer Creek tournament on Wednesday. 

The 2023 season has many Seniors that will be leaving this year. Seniors Tage Rex, Cooper McGuire, Matt Dillion, Zach Lugrand, and Matthew Chalfont, (5 players all who are on Varsity and Jounior Varsity) will be leaving the team down to 7 Varsity and Jounior Varsity players next year. For the 2024 season, there will be many open spots for new tennis players to join and make the team.