“Lost Girl” Was Nothing Short of Magical


| Aniston Tiller

Wendy (played by Meg Loy) surrounded by the lost boys (played by Ellie Bieler, Gabe Strategier-Pierce, Jocelyn Morrison, Sydney Cannon, Jaidyan Woods, and Madi Nickell) in her bedroom

- Linden Humphrey, Writer

On Friday May 6th in the Nancy O’Brain Center the cast of Lost Girl gave their first performance to Mrs. Wagner’s creative writing classes. Lost Girl is a play about Wendy and how she dealt with life and mental health after visiting Neverland. The play begins right after Wendy (played by Meg Loy) had gotten back from Neverland. She is being interviewed by a detective (played by Ben Maruri) , seeing a doctor (played by Taylyn Kindel), and talking to a therapist (played by Killian Garnand.) The reason for Wendy’s emotional inner turmoil is she believes that Peter-Pan (played by Braxton Collett)  has stolen her kiss. Wendy believes that a kiss is a tangible object. The Lost Boys (played by Ellie Bieler, Gage Strategier-Pierce, Jocelyn Morrison, Sydney Cannon, Jaidyan Woods, and Madi Nickell) are very upset by this and try to convince Wendy that she should give up and move on with her life. Wendy refuses and continues her search for Peter-Pan.

Wendy meets a reporter named Nina (played by Nicole Gilkey) agrees to an interview. During the interview Nina reveals that Peter visited her window not so long before he visited Wendy’s window. Nina had declined Peter’s invitation to go to Neverland with him. Nina also reveals that there are three other girls (played by Olivia Jones, Adrienna Childs, and Carisa Long) who went to Neverland. Wendy immediately contacts the three girls to talk to them.

The three girls reveal a similar story to Wendy. They were all visited by Peter at their window and went to Neverland with him. When they got back Peter said he would come back and disappear from the window. The only difference from them is after time had passed they moved in with their lives.

Wendy is still distraught after speaking to the three girls. she decides to make poster with her information on it to find Peter. This plan works and Peter finds her. Peter and Wendy kiss in Wendy’s hopes that she would feel her kiss return. Wendy feels nothing but is able to get some closure and moves on with her life.

Lost Girl was well executed by the actors and actresses involved. The audience enjoyed it and the actors put a lot of hard work into making this play good.

“Lost Girl was the first play I was able to be apart of at Norman North. ” says Taylyn Kindel, “I was very grateful about the opportunity to act and do something I love, while meeting other people who enjoy the same thing.”