Meet Your 2022 Sophomore HOCO Court


- Alisa Burt, Editor In Chief

It’s time to meet your Sophomore Homecoming (HOCO) Candidates! Here’s some information about them.

Kennedy Carlson is involved with varsity cheer, golf, DEN, SPUD, and is President of Christians On Campus. Her interests include reading, painting, hiking, and hanging out with friends. She decided to be on the court because “it’s a good opportunity to show leadership. I’m excited to get to be in the parade and walk on the field.”

Reece Crandall is on the football team.

Avery Jeung is involved in DEN, SPUD, and the tennis team. Some of her hobbies are reading and volunteering.

Owen Eschelman is on the football and basketball team and has been on SPUD Committee for the past two years. He is also on the Superintendents Advisory Council. In his free time, he loves to spend time in small groups or other activities at his church. He also enjoys playing sports and spending time with his family. When asked about HOCO he said, “I think it’s a really cool opportunity that not many people get to be a part of, so I’m grateful to get to participate.”

Parker McGraw is a member of the Varsity Soccer team, Christians on Campus, and DEN. Her personal hobbies include playing club soccer for Oklahoma Energy in Edmond. She also spends her free time traveling and spending time with friends.

Zachary Jennings is part of the soccer team, SPUD, and Christians on Campus. His hobbies include playing soccer, watching all sports, and hanging out with family and friends. He said about the HOCO court, “I thought it would be a fun time and a cool experience!”

Hayden Wells is involved in Pom, DEN, SPUD, and Key Club. She loves to dance and hang out with her friends and family. “I wanted to be on HOCO Court because I thought it would be a fun experience, but I’m most excited about getting to do it with my friends!” she said.

Jaron Webb is on the football team.

Voting will take place on Friday through Voting4Schools. The winners will be announced during halftime of the game on Friday.