Naptime Violation


| Matthew McCaskill

Student peacefully sleeping on the floor.

- Matthew McCaskill

As if the bad parking Instagram account wasn’t bad enough, now the people who enjoy sleeping in class have something to worry about. Yet another Instagram account has appeared, this time around the account is posting pictures of Norman North students sleeping in class. The account is called @nnhs.sleepings, and at the time of writing this, has garnered 500+ followers since this Monday. Similarly to the parking account, this account also takes submissions from students who snap pictures of their peers sleeping anywhere in the school.

Feedback to the sleeping account however seems to be fairly positive but some people are not having it. On The Howl‘s Instagram story(@nnhshowl), we asked if students liked the account, and if so then why. 74% of students said that they liked the account, one student says “It’s so funny and seeing all of the ways kids are sleeping is my favorite,” another student says “It’s fire.” the general opinion is that the students that like the page think that it’s funny.

However, there is still a good 26% of students that are not a fan of the page. “They post too much,” says one student. “It’s so much spam, the bad parking account is WAY better, plus it came first,” says another student. “It’s pretty much a violation of personal space.” Several people who are not fans of the account believe that taking pictures of people without consent while they aren’t in a conscious state. On top of that, some students just want to be able to sleep in class without fear of them ending up on some random Instagram page.

We had a quick chance to chat with the individual who runs the account (they wanted to remain anonymous), and they said, “The bad parking page [inspired me the account], I just wanted to create something funnier, because the bad parking page is funny, but I want to make something better. When asked about the realness of the posts they said, “The thing is, I don’t take the photos. I just post them and if they are obviously fake I try not to post them. Because there’s no fun in that, but if it’s extreme like somebody on top of the vending machine then maybe I’ll post that. They also said, “If they just asked me to delete it, I’ll delete it.”

It seems that @nnhs.sleepings is here to stay, but we would suggest staying awake during class to avoid being featured on the account. However, if you do, you can always DM the account and they’ll take down the post you’re in.