The Cost of Convenient Parking


| Caroline Mcalester

Cars parked in the Norman North Parking Lots’ handicapped spots

The Norman North staff has turned their attention to the parking situation in the school parking lot. As of February 7th, 2023, students that fail to follow the Norman North parking guidelines will face a potential fine of $250. As parking spots fill up quickly in the morning, many students resort to parking in handicapped spots, as well as restricted areas.  This will no longer be tolerated, as Dr. Garret sent an announcement to all students explaining that they will be “calling Norman Police Department beginning on 2/7 if there are any cars parked in handicapped parking spots OR the van accessible area BESIDE the handicapped spots without a handicapped sticker or tag.” Students are expected to arrive at school early enough to find a spot of their liking, in an acceptable area.

The handicapped spots are not the only area of concern, as students that park in the Nancy Obrien Parking, or in the grass will receive automatic lunch detention. This policy has been set into place to ensure that staff and visitors have a place to park, as well as to ensure that the maintenance staff can do their job efficiently with no students standing in their way. Norman North students are now faced with the decision to either arrive at school early or to park in a less convenient spot, otherwise, they will face consequences.