Timberwolves Feast On Sabercats

- Tatum Selby, Sports writer

Thursday, October 13, the mighty T-Wolves slaughtered the Southmoore Sabercats 64-10 at the Moore High stadium. North took the first touchdown one minute into the first quarter. With 7 minutes left in the 1st quarter, #29, Chapman McKown, returned to action from the injured reserves and made his first touchdown since he was sidelined with an injury earlier this season. Chapman was out for three weeks due to a shoulder injury, but he came back strong for his team. Chapman made a total of 3 touchdowns. In the second quarter, the T-Wolves made a total of 29 points, and from that quarter on, we had the game in hand. The Sabercats struggled to make one touchdown and a field goal. This is the 5th win for the T-Wolves this season, and they’re slowly taking down schools one by one. Thursday night was an amazing win and a very shocking game, the Sabercats had to lick their wounds and taste the bitterness of defeat.