What Is DECA?


| Grey Lashbrook

DECA students hard at work on making clubs shirts and sweatshirts

- Grey Lashbrook, Writer

What is DECA? DECA is a business program taught by Mr. Wilson, where students learn business tactics and marketing. In DECA, students have different jobs at different hours. According to Senior Wyatt Kelly DECA Co-President, “Right now I’m in his second-hour class, and usually on a daily basis, we are working on our t-shirt business. So that involves designing t-shirts and going to potential clients.”

You may know DECA students by the cookie cart in the halls and the DECA store in the commons, but DECA is so much more than just cookies and snacks. They also compete in competitions and make shirts or sweatshirts for programs and clubs. Senior Wyatt Kelly also talked about this, “We do a lot of in class, like I said we are designing shirts, and we are in groups of three. So we do get most of the work done in class, or we can collaborate with each other outside of class like minor touch-ups and details.” DECA is always taking in new students, DECA is a great class/program that can prepare students for future jobs in business and looks great on college applications, and can provide scholarship opportunities.” More people should join DECA because it provides a great experience to learn marketing, business management, and other office and business-related jobs in the future. And there is the benefit of getting to eat cookies.

A major thing that DECA students do every year is competitions, where they go to compete in challenges or things that could happen in a workplace. Wyatt Kelley said, “A lot of people go to DECA conferences. Last state conference, we took 35-36 people, and everyone did compete on stage, except for one person. You dress in a blazer and suit and depending on what you compete in depends on how much you do.” Kelley also mentioned that if you are interested in DECA you are in luck: “You are able to sign up for DECA freshman to junior year, we do not take seniors, you can sign up by going to Mr.Wilson in S401 and he will set you up with a class for you and you will go to your counselor for switching classes.”