Wear Your ID!



- Grey Lashbrook, Writer

This year faculty has been stricter on ID policy and it seems that many students are struggling to remember to wear their IDs. This change in policy is being enforced by the new principal Dr. Garrett, this new ruling has made it so students need their IDs to enter the building and roam the halls. This rule may be extreme to some students but the staff puts our safety first and implementing IDs helps protect us against threats.

Here are some tips on remembering to wear IDs:

1. Having multiple IDs. You should always have a few IDs laying around for glass break emergencies.

2. Always have one in your car. Always having a backup ID is a good thing to have in case you forget one at home or lose it.

3. Always have one in your backpack. If you always have your ID in your backpack you will never forget it and all you need to do is take it out at the doors.

4. Have someone remind you about your ID. Having someone else to help you remember your ID will help you have it more often and will make it so you forget it less, have a friend you meet in the morning or sibling remind you daily and you will never forget it.

Wearing IDs may not be the most fun thing to do, but they help the school stay secure and safe from intruders.