Goodbye Old Band Room, Hello New Room!


- Jaiden Suter, Fine Arts - Writer

          This year the band and orchestra room has been renovated! The rooms have new green, white, and black tiles.  All of the band practice rooms have brand new carpets. The newly renovated orchestra room has had new lockers installed for small instruments such as violins and violas. The school has also added new lockers in the Cello room for the bigger instruments like basses. 

           In addition to the renovations, a new band room has been constructed, but why was it constructed? Norman North needed another tornado shelter, however with the shelter constructed it was just one big empty space. This meant the room needed a purpose to fill the space. This led to the band room being moved into a bigger and newer room. This room is beautiful and is located in the north hall straight down from the College and Career Center into the room that says “Fine Arts” on the wall.The new band room has the classic Norman North colors of white, green, and gray all over the space. The room has hexagon-shaped tiles decorating the walls.  The lockers are all across the room to store instruments in. Above those lockers, are trophies from past competitions. On the ceiling, there are huge hanging tiles also in the same colors. Above those tiles are normal white squared panels.  Outside, by the band room, a new loading dock was also constructed, making it even easier for the band to transport the stuff they need to.