North Scholastic Award Winners


| Lillian Dai

This piece by Lillian Dai won a regional award in the Scholastic Art Competition.

- Alisa Burt, Editor In Chief

This year, Norman North had numerous award winners for the Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. This competition had over 260,000 national entries, with only 40,000 winning regional awards. Those who won a Gold Key are entered into the national level of the competition, where they could potentially win scholarships and have their art and writings featured in galleries. Read below to find out which students won a regional award!

Cordelia Amundson. Silver Key. Up, Up, and Away. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Gage Anderson. Silver Key. Learning to Drive. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Peyton Benson – Honorable Mention & Silver Key. Foundational Morality and Religious Manipulation. Critical Essay. And Two Perfect Storms. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Alisa Burt – Gold Key & Honorable Mention. A Cry For Help. Photography and My Series Of Unfortunate Events. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Jonah Buyten – Honorable Mention. Moonlit Struggles. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Lillian Dai- Honorable Mention for her art in the Scholastic Art & Writing Contest.

Dody Escoe – Gold Key. Chairs Are the Reason for a Table. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Bethany Fielding – Gold Key. Living Through My Own Eyes. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Nicole Gilkey – Silver Key. The Fleeting Feeling of Having A Snake. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Madelyn Huntington – Silver Key. Destined for the Storm. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Taylyn Kindel – Silver Key. An Evergreen Christmas. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Sam Millar – Silver Key. Finding The Silence. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Areli Serna – Silver Key. Departing From Life. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Lucy Sieck – Silver Key & Honorable Mention. Mangled Masculinity: Male Authority Through

The Rise and Fall of Joe Starks, Critical Essay and Udovica Baci Vodu. Short Story.

Isaac Sullivan – Honorable Mention. For Nellie. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Laurel Whaley – Two Honorable Mentions. Like a Butterfly. Poetry and Growth and Change.

Writing Portfolio.

Jocelyn Wheeling – Gold Key. Who Still Stands. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Madeleine Wheeling – Gold Key. Lament of the Dark Passenger. Personal Essay & Memoir.

Congratulations to these students, and the best of luck to those moving onto the next level of the competition!