Musical Auditions Have Ended!


- Jaiden Suter, Fine Arts - Writer


The auditions for “A Gentlemans Guide for Love and Murder” musical went wonderfully, and smoothly. The first round of auditions started on Monday with one on one auditions where they auditioned with some lines and sang a small section of a song from the musical. Tuesday’s auditions were for the choreography. Everyone who wanted to audition had to practice some of the choreography to see if they would be able to handle able to do some of the more complex things in the musical. The call backs were on Wednesday, for anyone who was confirmed to be in the play. In the choir room,  they rehearsed parts of the musical to see how well some students worked with each other. Wednesday at 10pm after the call backs had been conclude, auditioners were assigned their roles. Everybody did an amazing job!  Big congratulations to everybody who got a role!