Quick Chat With Coach Wormington


| Sophia Potts

Coach Wormington answers questions.

On Wednesday, September 14th, we were able to catch an interview with Coach Wormington. Coach Wormington is a defensive line coach as well as a teacher, here’s a little about him.

How long have you been coaching?

A: “This is my second year of coaching, I volunteered in the 2019 season and was brought on as a full-time coach for the 20-21 season.”

What is your experience in this sport prior to coaching it?

A: “I played at the University of Central Oklahoma for five years as a defensive lineman and deep snapper, I played at Norman North and have been playing since I was six.”

What do you teach?

A: “I teach Media 1.”

What are a couple of goals for this season?

A: “I want to be able to coach the best defensive line in the state and ultimately win a state championship.”