School Talent Spotlight: Ethan Whetstone


| Kenneth Fitzgerald

Ethan Whetstone photographing a train

- Brandon Johnson and Sophia Potts

Around North, there is much hidden talent waiting to be uncovered. Students’ skill-sets include musicians and bands, photographers and writers, to painters and sculpters. illustrators and actors. Lately, a very talented photographer by the name of Ethan Whetstone has caught the attention of a few people from The Howl team.

| Ethan Whetstone

Ethan Whetstone is a sophomore who is an avid photographer of trains. Ethan travels almost every weekend to take pictures of trains and train-related events. We asked Ethan a few questions about his hobby.

Q: When did you start photographing trains?

A: I started watching trains on January 6, 2019, in Texas.

Q: What is your favorite railway?

A: The Santa Fe Railroad and Southern Pacific Railroad.

Q: What is your favorite locomotive?

A: My favorite locomotive is the GE Dash 8 Series.

A locomotive photo taken by Ethan (| Ethan Whetstone)