Spirit Week: What to Expect


| Alisa

Students cheer during last years Crosstown Clash.

- Grey Lashbrook and Grace Keller

Next week will be North’s first Spirit Week for the school year. This coming week will be in support of the football team going against High at Crosstown Clash. This game is one of the most popular games for  Norman Public School students. Spirit week will be held from August 29th through the 1st of September. Each day during the week there will be different themes. Monday is Cowboy day so dress your best in the west! Wear your interpretation of western attire. Tuesday will be Hawaiian-themed, so let’s throw a lū’au together!! Wear your best Hawaiian outfit. Wednesday will be USA day, so pledge allegiance to the flag!! Wear patriotic colors for Red, White, and Blue Day. Thursday is Whiteout, so let’s Wite-Out the Tigers by correcting their football team dress up in all white to support our T-wolves on game day. Don’t forget to dress up and bring your school spirit!