SPUD Fashion Show


| Hope Dawson

Contestants of the SPUD Fashion Show

- Hope Dawson, Editor

On Tuesday, January 7th SPUD put on their inaugural fashion show. The competition showcased styles from local stores such as The Clothing Bar and The Apothem, as well as SPUD’s own merchandise and some repurposed clothing that was donated for the event to raise money for the SPUD recipients. 

| Hope Dawson
Judges, Madison McDaniel, Mrs Curtis, and Mr Dasch at the SPUD Fashion Show

The judges were Mrs. Curtis, Mr. Dasch, and Madison McDaniel. Their critiques were humorous and stylistic such as Mr. Dasch saying, “The PJ look is tired,” when describing Quinlan Mumford’s pajama look provided by The Apothem. The critiques advanced to even looking at the whole experience, such as Mrs. Curtis commenting, “The song should’ve been boomer sooner,” referring to the song selection. 

| Hope Dawson
Quinlan Mumford modeling in the SPUD Fashion Show

At the end of the show, there were some notable performances such as Mrs. Bates who was the last guest model in the show dominated by students. She received great scores by the judges and got a great response from the crowd. Bates commented on being a model in the show, saying that “It was nerve-wracking, but it was a lot of fun.” 

| Hope Dawson
Mrs Bates modeling in the SPUD Fashion Show

At the end of the show the judges did have to choose a winner and they declared Madison Cargill, winner of the show. She was the only contestant to receive a perfect score and, she was a crowd favorite as she walked the runway. The audience cheered for her look in the new spud sweatshirt. 

| Hope Dawson
Winner, Madison Cargill, modeling in the SPUD Fashion Show

At the end of the show, Mrs. Curtis was astonished by the outcome of the fashion show, stating

“I thought for the first year this fashion show was a great success…It was a lot of fun, and I wish I was just more clever with my responses.” ”

— Logan Curtis