Students on North vs ɥƃᴉɥ

- Marques Hinson, Staff Writer

During the Football State Playoffs, North played Norman High, and this is was students had to say about it.

Sapphire Watt, 10th
It’s the North vs. High and I want to see North kick High’s butt.
I’m very confident in our win for this game
We got to show High who’s the boss (| Marques Hinson)




  • L.J. Villamil 10th
  • To watch  Norman North beat Norman High
  • I feel super happy about being here
  • It’s the crosstown clash, we need to care


  • James McCall  10th
  • To support the T-wolves and see my friends
  • Im lovin it cuz we’re winning


  • Jasmine Jackson 10th
  • To support Norman North
  • Well were winning so I feel pretty good
  • So we can go to the playoffs


  • Jordan Wright 12th
  • Jeremiah was playing so I came out here to support him
  • Stressed cuz its a close game but i’m excited to be here
  • It’s my senior year, Its playoffs, and its Norman North vs. Norman High


  • Julia Cliff 12th
  • Jeremiah was playing so I came out here to support him
  • I’m glad the game went good and I’m just excited for my senior year for Norman vs High
  • Because Norman North is in the playoff games and I came to support


  • Aniston Tiller 11th
  • To support my team and be with my school
  • This is really great, this is so much fun
  • Because I love the sport and having school spirit is the best


  • Abby Wehrenberg 11th
  • I love the environment and the team spirit
  • This game was intense, and a big nail biter! so much fun though!
  • I care about the game because I care about Norman North and out school spirit


  • Luke Bryd 12th
  • To be honest, my friend asked me to come
  • It was really stressful but it was really fun
  • Because it’s my senior year and I want to support the team