Winter Guard Places Third at State Championships!


| Bekki Venk

The Winter Guard Posing For a Photo At State Championships

Haven’t you heard so much from the Winter Guard lately? I know I have! On Saturday, April 1st, the Winter Guard went out and performed at the WGPO State Championships and placed a whopping THIRD place across the whole state of Oklahoma! This is our first time ever having a Winter Guard in a few decades, and the first time in forever that we formed one, they went out and scored very high. This is especially impressive because in the beginning of the season, the Norman North Winter Guard wasn’t in any placing contests, and instead, they were just going for comments and criticisms. This was until they were bumped up to ranking contests, and they placed 1st at regionals and 3rd within the state. 

“I would say that this season is a lot harsher than the marching season, but not as hectic,” says Alayna Claydon, a Winter Guard member during an interview. “If we do good and get first place, then we can know that it was all because of our work and how we look as a group, and individuals. The same would happen if we didn’t do as well on a performance, as each performance is different, and so on. The Winter Guard this year had so much dedication and did hard work, and we are all so proud of ourselves for what we have accomplished this year. I can say for the Winter Guard that we are all very excited for what will be happening the following years.”

Although the Winter Guard season is unfortunately officially over, the directors of the band and the Winter Guard can all agree that the Guard performances will continue to thrive as it grows and becomes more successful. If you see anyone that you know in Winter Guard in the hallways, make sure to give them a high five and a good job!