Meet The Academic Team!


| Adam Choucair

Elias Sikavitsas, the Academic Team captain.

- Adia Casey, Managing Editor and Writer

Junior Elias Sikavitsas acts as Vice President and is frequently the captain at tournaments for North’s academic team. He often runs practices and he attempts to “help to keep the team together and help to make sure that morale isn’t lost.” The academic teams meet up once a week on Fridays at lunch in either Mr. Brownfield’s room for upperclassmen or Ms. Hart’s room for freshmen.

Meetings are open for everyone and often consist of going through questions, studying, and preparing for future events/ tournaments. Currently, the team is on the lookout for someone knowledgeable about English Literature as that is the greatest weakness momentarily. Essentially, the academic team attends competitions where they answer questions competitively; the questions are of an academic variety and include subjects such as history, science, English, art, language, and even psychology. 

The unique thing about the academic team is the combination of such a wide variety of academia, making questions regarding basically everything on the table. The last tournament holds Elias’ favorite memory regarding the team, “In the last tournament, we went to, we bought Mr. Stuemky a brass eagle named Phosphorus and that was very cool. We went to Habitat for Humanity in between one of our rounds and we were just walking around and then Daniel Basey and I spotted a brass eagle like the one that Mr. Stuemky had and the price was good so we bought it to present it to him later. ” Although the team’s primary focus is on academics, there still is a lot of room for fun memories to be made.