Meet the Spirit Club!


| Jesenya Darnell

Kaleb Favaloro runs with the spirit flag at the Crosstown Clash.

- Adia Casey, Managing Editor and Writer

Spirit club meets every so often, typically around every two weeks, and the meetings are usually scheduled before bigger events to brainstorm different ideas for them. In the second library classroom sporadically during the week at 8:30, the meetings are run by senior Kaleb Favoloro. If you are interested in joining either show up with a friend who is already involved in the club or let club president Kaleb Favorloro know you are interested at his email, [email protected].

The club meets to discuss different ways of growing school spirit by showing up to games and events and trying to boost support. Junior, Rose Allen, in a comment to the purpose of the club said, “I think everyone can agree that school spirit at North is kinda lacking, like deader than my grandma’s goldfish. So the club exists so that we can come up with ways to increase and maintain school spirit.” The club’s last meeting took place right before basketball’s crosstown clash to come up with ways to ramp up hype and support and the next meeting taking place before spring break will be discussing spring sports. One of the focuses of the club is on the student section and different ways to improve upon it along with figuring out ways to get more students to show up and support. The club does share some similarities with DEN, but the spirit club exerts a greater focus on encouraging students to hold a sense of pride in their school’s community and show support for it whereas DEN is more about the school’s community. Though the actions of participating in dress-up days and attending games might be simple, they can still have a heavy positive influence on the school’s culture and sense of community. In a final note regarding the club, Rose said that “As a member of a competitive team, it’s nice to know that the school has your back. Whether you’re something big like football or slightly less noticed.”