Apple Releases New Inclusive Emojis in iOS 14.2


- Thomas Richardson, Editor/Admin

On Thursday, November 5th, Apple released iOS 14.2 to the public. iOS 14.2 is available to anyone with an iPhone 6s(released back in 2015) or newer. iOS 14.2 fixes minor bugs, gives us 8 new wallpapers and adds many new emojis(over 100). The most notable emojis of the new ones added in iOS 14.2 are the Transgender Flag & Symbol, a Ninja, a Man & Woman in a Tuxedo, a Man & Woman with a Veil, a Human Heart, the popular Tawinesse drink Boba, a Boomerang, a Nesting Doll, an Accordion, a Long Drum, a Screwdriver, a Dodo Bird, a Seal, a Polar Bear(a reskin of the bear emoji),  a Cockroach,  a Fly, and a Worm.