Dodging for a Cause: SPUD Dodgeball


| Caroline Mcalester

Dodgeball team lines up to start a new match.

The annual SPUD (Students Performing Unselfish Deeds) Dodgeball Tournament was held on Friday, January 6th. This exciting event was held by SPUD in order to raise money for its four recipients. As the crowd gathered in the south gym at Norman North High School, ten competitive teams were filed into a bracket and battled against each other down to the last few dodgeball matches.

After hours of fierce competition, the final game for the champion title was between team Argentina and team Golden Potatos. Though team Argentina nearly lost in their very first match, they persisted and found their way to success. When Tyson Simmons, a member of the winning team, and three-time dodgeball champion was asked why he liked SPUD Dodgeball he replied, “I like SPUD Dodgeball because there is never a team good enough to beat the dream team we assemble every year.” This event not only provides great entertainment and fun but also supports a good cause.

After multiple easy eliminations, the dodgeball games began to gain intensity. The final match between the last two remaining teams was very competitive, but team Argentina was able to pull through with a specific strategy. Champion Carson Halley described their strategy saying, “The strategy was to stay spread out and catch any ball headed your way.” This strategy paired with determination allowed Tyson Simmons to win the gold for the third year in a row, stating that “Winning feels just right,” and, “I don’t know anything else but winning.” SPUD dodgeball is a great opportunity for the student body to unite for a good cause, and have fun while they are at it. SPUD members, as well as many other Norman North students, are already counting down the days until the next dodgeball tournament.